La Línea Verde is a 100% Vegan / Plant based take-away restaurant in La Línea De La Concepción, located next to the Frontier of Gibraltar.

La Línea Verde is created by a Hungarian vegan couple, Györgyi Tetézi and Máté Szabics, living in La Línea for a few years, and considering themselves as “locals” already.
The concept is to provide different, fresh and tasty daily lunch menus ready by 8:00 in the morning on the weekdays, mainly targeting the Cross-Frontier workers for an unbeatable price.

All the dishes are 100% plant based, the lunch types are featuring dishes from all around the World to provide different and changing flavors even on a long term.

La Línea Verde is also featuring creative and daily changing vegan desserts, like Brownies, “Fanta bars”, “Snickers slices”, “Cheese cakes”, pancakes, and more. Györgyi can also make vegan cakes for events, birthdays if it has been pre-ordered in advance.

We are also organizing Vegan pizza events and vegan burger events on a monthly basis, and aiming to participate in local food festivals as well.

“Think globally, act locally” – Being eco-friendly is also one of our main goals.
As a take-away place we provide food containers, cups and cutlery on a daily basis.

  • Most of the things we are using are biodegradable or recyclable
  • If you want to collect your lunch menu in your own food container, we can give you a reduced price! 

  • We collect the waste separately 
  • La Línea Verde uses 100% green electricity 
  • We already started to work with a local based vegetable supplier 
  • We plan to collect our food waste for composting
  • We want to thank to all of our guests that with your choices you are supporting the cause of being a bit more eco-friendly.

We look forward to seeing you in La Línea Verde.