The Bulevar

Lunch menus:

La Línea Verde offers lunch menus changing on a daily basis.

We provide the list of the menu of the week in advance – so you can enjoy new and different lunch menus every day and week, with dishes from all around the world.

We use natural and healthy, 100% plant based ingredients.

The daily lunch menus are freshly made and ready for collection by 8:00 am on every weekday at an easy and convenient location next to the Frontier, at the Bulevar (Av. Veinte de Abril 21, La Línea).

For our menu of the current week please click HERE

– 6.5 euros* / lunchbox
– 8 euros / luncbox + dessert
– 8.5 euros / lunchbox + dessert + drink
(bring your own box for further discount)
– 32 euros / FULL WEEKY MENU with desserts
(dessert is exchangeable for a smoothie or a sandwich)

We also offer coffee with home made plant based milk, smoothies, sandwiches and desserts.

Mac `n` Cheese:

You can always order our tasty Vegan Mac `n` Cheese with tofu chunks (6 euros) – even in gluten free version. Just send us a message on WhatsApp 20 minutes before your arrival, so we can make sure it will be ready for collection upon your arrival.


We offer vegan brownies, vegan snickers bars, pancakes.
Our chef also creates different desserts every day.
All the deserts are 100% plant based (not containing any milk/lactose or eggs), also containing reduced or no sugar at all.