WEEKLY MENU (06/05/2024-10/05/2024):

Dear Friends,
Please see our menu for the next week (06/05/2024-10/05/2024):

  • Monday (06/05/2024):
    Beetroot patties with mashed green peas with mint and rice
  • Tuesday (07/05/2024):
    Hungarian seitan stew made with red wine served with boiled potatoes
  • Wednesday (08/05/2024):
    Creamy four onion pasta with roasted mushrooms
  • Thursday (09/05/2024):
    Lentil pottage with roasted vegan sausage chunks and bread cubes
  • Friday (10/05/2024):
    Aalu matr tofu paneer (curry with potatoes, green peas and tofu) served with lemon, rice and naan bread

  • REAL and TASTY lunch
    (100% Plant based)
  • FRESH and READY for collection between
    Monday-Friday by 8:00 am at an EASY and CONVENIENT LOCATION! (at the Frontier)
  • NEW and DIFFERENT lunch menus every day & week
  • Natural and healthy ingredients